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Few things in life are better than spending quality time on the water with friends and family - creating memories that last a lifetime. Boat Club USA offers carefree boating with a top notch fleet of boats. Enjoy all the pleasures of boating without the cost and obligations of ownership - we take care of everything from cleaning and maintenance to storage and insurance. The cost to be a member of Boat Club USA is a small fraction of boat charters or owning a boat. We have a better way for you to enjoy the boating lifestyle without the hassles and headaches.  Visit our Membership page to find out which plan is right for you, or feel free to give us a call at 585-629-8393  to talk with our staff. Our member to boat ratios are the lowest in the industry to ensure that a boat is always ready. Not only do our members appreciate the substantial savings over boat ownership, they appreciate the convenience. Reservations are made by phone, or by logging in from your desktop or smart phone. You simply arrive at the dock, get on the boat, and drive away! Whether you are a lifetime boating enthusiast, or you are new to boating, our experienced staff at Boat Club USA will provide you with all the training and support that you need to have the best boating experience possible, each and every time you take to the water. No prior boating experience is necessary or required. Relish in the life of cruising, sightseeing, entertaining, or fishing on a boat you can be proud of - with Boat Club USA!
Boat Club USA offers the finest reservation system available - designed specifically for boat clubs like ours.  The “BoatCloud” system is a web-based platform that operates on all web-enabled devices - including your smart phone. Download the “BoatCloud Mobile” app today - available from Apple & Droid markets free of charge for our members.  The system remembers who you are and manages all of your reservations - on the go! Click the image to the left to learn more - or click the button below to log in.
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